Bily Boy Won't Get My Coin

Mircosoft and Bily Boy
Keep on selling us their toys:
Windoze, MessyDos and Word,
Excel, Office and that Works...
Did I say it really works?
Sure, it may work great for Bil,
Stacking money on the hill,
Being on the top until
Someone other climbs the hill.
So the bottom line is: nil!

People from United States,
Why do you support Bil Gattes?
Don't you think Win Ninety-five
Will enslave you for a life?

Please don't let Monsieur Bil Gattes
And his user interface
Move you in the wrong direction --
Windows General Protection
Faults will torture you forever,
And especially whenever
Yoúre about to save your work!
Did we came up to the fork?

And the fork is this: you may
Either stick to Bily Gattes,
Or just go another way --
Save your trouble, don't you pay
So much money, don't you stay
On the bandwagon with Bil!
Join the GNU Project! It will
Change your mind and point of view.
Richard Stalman and his crew,
Linus Torvalds and his Linux
Point the way to go between us.

Grab the Linux and enjoy!
(It's a Unix, not a toy!)
And forget that Bily Boy!

--Luchezar Georgiev (Lucho)
1995. március 8.
Varna, Bulgária

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